Since first opening to the public in 1938, the Malibu Pier has drawn fishermen to enjoy the bounty of the sea.  A fantastic fishing experience can be had right from the deck of the pier.  In summer, the season peaks with halibut, thresher shark & bat rays while corbina & mackerel are year round catches.  Whether a lifetime fisherman or a first timer, the pier offers an authentic ocean fishing experience.  

A days catch of yellow fin on the deck of the pier.  Circa 1945.

A days catch of yellow fin on the deck of the pier.  Circa 1945.



SQUID $7.00



SHRIMP $6.99





The RANCH at the PIER located at the ocean end of the pier supplies bait and essential tackle.  


Feeling adventurous.  Get geared up the RANCH at the PIER and spend an hour or an afternoon pursuing this time honored sport.  Great for children, couples on a date or those looking to enjoy and afternoon by the sea.  Please call the RANCH for more details (310) 456-8031.


No permits are required to fish on the pier.  

If you plan on fishing beyond the pier, you can purchase fishing permits & report cards at the RANCH located at the ocean end of the pier.  



  • safety is most important
  • be careful when casting - avoid overhead casting and all ways make sure the area is clear
  • do not block pathways with gear
  • do not cut bait directly on the pier/railing or stick knives into the pier
  • know your size limits
  • fish in designated areas only - the pier reserves the right to designate any area as prohibited due to activity including special events, filming or for safety.
  • be aware of people in the water, do not cast in their direction
  • 6:30am to sunset are the public hours of the pier.  Fishing beyond these hours is at the discretion of the businesses.  Please follow their instructions regarding closing.  
  • alcoholic beverages are prohibited (except when served & consumed in designated restaurant areas).
  • NO SMOKING - smoking causes pier fires and is illegal.  
  • Finally - please keep the pier clean.